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Unlock Your Potential:
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Julian Desgraves, business consultant


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Julian Desgraves: A Trusted Voice in HVAC and a Beacon of Community Engagement

Entrepreneur, Technician, Family Man, and Respected Public Speaker, Julian Desgraves has worn many hats throughout his remarkable journey. From an early age, Julian's innate curiosity and passion for all things mechanical led him down the path of HVAC, where he honed his technical expertise and business acumen.


But Julian's journey didn't end with mastering the HVAC trade; it was only the beginning. As he delved deeper into his career, he recognized the profound impact that effective communication and public speaking skills can have on both personal and professional growth. Embracing the value of leadership training, he became an adept and captivating public speaker, inspiring audiences with his authentic and insightful presentations.


Throughout his life, Julian has never lost sight of the significance of giving back to the community that has supported him. Alongside his wife, he actively volunteers, tirelessly devoting his time to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


With a wealth of experience in the HVAC industry and a passion for empowering others, Julian founded JD Air, not just to provide exceptional HVAC services, but also to serve as a valuable resource hub. He aims to help others create safe and comfortable living spaces while nurturing their own professional growth.


Julian Desgraves stands as a pillar in the community, representing the perfect blend of technical expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and a heartfelt commitment to helping others succeed. With each public talk, he shares not just insights from the HVAC industry, but also life lessons that resonate deeply with audiences, leaving them inspired and motivated to reach new heights.



Have Julian Speak at Your HVAC School or Institute

Looking to ignite passion and excellence in your HVAC school, institute, or trade school? Look no further! Julian Desgraves, HVAC master technician and captivating public speaker, is here to empower your students and faculty with an unforgettable speaking engagement.


Why Choose Julian Desgraves as Your Speaker?


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  • Expertise that Inspires


Julian's vast experience in the HVAC industry, coupled with his journey from student to successful entrepreneur, resonates deeply with aspiring technicians. His insights and practical knowledge provide valuable guidance on navigating the industry and achieving excellence.

  • Motivation to Succeed

With a knack for engaging storytelling, Julian leaves a lasting impact on his audience. His powerful talks inspire students to strive for greatness, encouraging them to push beyond their limits and embrace their full potential.

  • Soft Skills for Success

Julian's expertise extends beyond technical know-how. He excels in cultivating essential soft skills like effective communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Your students will gain a well-rounded skill set, setting them apart in the industry.

  • Real-World Application

Julian's presentations aren't just theoretical; they are packed with practical tips and insights drawn from his own journey as an HVAC entrepreneur. Your students will leave with actionable takeaways that can be applied immediately.

Let your students be inspired, motivated, and equipped for success in the HVAC industry. Contact us now to secure your date and unleash the potential within your institution.


Julian Desgraves training hvac technicians

See Julian in Action

Check out this clip from a speaking engagement Julian did for HVAC students at an institute. Part of this presentation focuses on the importance of safety in the HVAC industry. 



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